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Beechwood School Councillors 2015/16

Beechwood School Councillors 2015/16 1

School Council Projects

Plymouth City Youth Council Visit - March 2016 (HP and RH - Year 6 School Councillors)



12 Schools attended this session of the CYC


HP & RH putting together their Manifesto prior to the CYC vote for future Chair of the meetings.

Beechwood were voted in and will chair the CYC session in July 2017


HP and another student public speaking in front of 50+ children and 15 adults.


A great day for our students - learning about the Environment and Education from workshops conducted by subject matter experts.

The guest speakers were impressed with the depth interest and of the questioning at the end of each session.

HP question: If the country chooses to vote out in the EU referendum, how will this affect education?


Well done HP & RH - Great role models and ambassadors for Beechwood Primary School!