Year 1 Newton

Welcome to Newton Class Page
We have two classes in Year 1 at Beechwood Primary Academy.
Newton Class - Mr Harris (Class Teacher)
Hubble - Mr Stainfield (Class Teacher)
T.A.'s for Year 1 - Miss Vowden / Mrs Jutson / Miss West
In the Spring term we are doing a topic called Moon Zoom. The children have enjoyed finding out about the different planets within our solar system and ordering the planets according to their distance from the sun. The children have also learnt about famous astronauts and created a space timeline to order some of the most significant events that have occurred during space exploration so far. Our question for this topic is - Can I name all of the plants in order? The children have learnt songs and created different mnemonics to help them successfully answer this question.
In our physical education lessons so far this term, we have been creating individual and paired routines in our gymnastics lessons by incorporating different methods of travel, balances and rotations to sequence different movements together.
In our computing lessons, we will continue to talk to the children about e-safety, the children know that they must speak to an adult if anything upsets or concerns them on-line.
In English, we have just completed a non-fiction unit looking at the Chinese New Year and we are currently learning about poetry and specially rhyme, using the amazing 'Oi Frog' poetry book. The children have really enjoyed retelling the story using different expressions and innovating the poem to create different rhyming couplets. We are continuing to work at spelling, grammar and handwriting.
In mathematics, the children have been learning about place value with numbers within 50- ordering and comparing numbers by looking at the tens and ones. We have also learnt about greater than and less than symbols. We will be completing a length and height unit and we will continue to work on our fluence master targets.