Year 3 Anning

Welcome to Anning Class Page
We have two classes in Year 3 at Beechwood Primary Academy.
Jenner Class - Mr Johnson (Class Teacher) and Mrs Edwards (Teaching Assistant).
Anning Class - Mrs Taylor and Ms Read (Class Teacher's) and Miss Tremayne (Teaching Assistant).
Year 3 are currently studying our Extreme Earth topic, looking at volcanoes, tsunamis and earthquakes. Our writing is currently focussing on how to use speech in stories and the difference between these and plays. In our next writing topic, we will be explaining how things work.
We are working hard in maths and we are consolidating how to calculate using all four operations.
Handwriting is very important and we are learning how to improve our presentation through learning how to join correctly.
In science we are currently looking at forces and magnets. We have really enjoyed using the magnets in lessons.