Year 4 Tesla

Welcome to Tesla Class Page

We have two classes in Year 2 at Beechwood Primary Academy:-


Tesla – Miss Hemelik (Class teacher)

Sharman – Mr Gavasingha (supply teacher).

HLTA – Miss Francis

TA – Mrs Pinhey and Miss Woolley


In the Spring term we are working on the topic of ‘The Romans’, focusing around the question ‘What did the Romans do for us?’ The children have enjoyed learning about the Romans and ordering important events on a timeline. We have learnt about the spread of the Roman Empire and the power of the Roman Army. The children enjoyed investigating why the Roman Army was so successful.


We have successfully linked our topic work to all of our English lessons. The children have researched the life of Boudicca and completed a biography using the correct language features. We have also written spy stories set in Ancient Rome, based on the story ‘Kidnapped’. We are currently working on newspaper articles reporting on events that took place in Ancient Rome.


In Maths this term we have completed our work on multiplication and division and are now focussing on fractions. The children are developing their understanding of what fractions are by using manipulative and applying them to real life situations. They are able to use mathematical language such as numerator and denominator to explain their learning and the value of a fraction. They are learning to add and subtract fractions efficiently. We have been developing our fluency skills throughout the year with the Fluency Master Programme which the children really enjoy.


We have continued our work with Taiko drums. The children are able to confidently play these Japanese drums and have some understanding of the culture behind it. They have also begun to compose their own pieces.