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Year 1 Ladybird

Picture 1

Welcome to Year 1 - Ladybird!


We are a class of 31 learners.  Our teacher is Mrs Maker and our teaching assistant is Mrs Vowden.  Mrs Vowden is also a dinner lady.  We particularly enjoy singing and stories.  Mrs Maker likes to tell them in the characters' voices.  


Our topic this term is The Supermarket.  We have visited our local Co-op store as a class.  We know that learning doesn't just happen in school and look forward to using our maths knowledge when shopping.

These most recent photos tell of the fun we have been having whilst learning in Ladybird Class.                       



We all thoroughly enjoyed dressing up as fictional characters during book week.  Can you work out who we all are?  






We enjoyed innovating the story of Lutey (The Fisherman) and the Mermaid.  Here we are "interviewing" the characters!!  What questions do you think we asked them?  
Picture 1

We thought of different words with the similar meanings (synonyms) or similes to describe the mermaid's tail and wrote them on post its.  These are displayed on the window at the back of the picture. 


We thought the tail was silvery, twinkly, as shiny as a silver coin and as sparkly as fairy lights.