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Year 2 Nightingale

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Welcome to Nightingale Class


Hi everyone,

A big welcome to Nightingale's Class page.

We are a class of 30 children. The class Teacher is called Mr Mitchell and the teaching assistant is called Mrs Phillips. Mrs Jutson and Miss Lang work as 1:1 support. Children take home Toby each day and write what they get up to in the evenings in Toby's diary.

Here you can find out things we have been up to this year.



Toby 1

Seaside day

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We had a super day, joining in with the Oakwood children. We saw a puppet show which was very funny, we especially liked the hermit crab.

It was great fun making a jelly fish, and making a beautiful rainbow fish.

We also had the chance to toast our own marshmallows.

Outdoor day 2015

We had such an amazing day, even though it was raining we walked to the woods where we joined with Otter class.

We played tracker through the woods, it was exciting walking through some very overgrown paths. We had to be very sensible because it was quite slippery in places. We even had to cross a stream but it was fun and none of us fell in the water.frown

The grown ups looked funny in their summer wet weather gear, Mrs Phillips thought she was at Glastonbury.surprise

Mr Mitchell showed off his BBQ skills in the afternoon, he cooked all the children sausages and didn't burn any!! or the school for that matter.

Then as an extra treat we had an ice lolly, and we did all that without being in the classroom all day.


Mini Games 2015

Today some children from year two took part in the mini games competition.

They had to compete against children from six other schools.

Each child took part in every activity, and worked as a team representing the school.

They all received a medal for taking part and there were also special medals for winners of individual races.

It was clear they all had a good time and were a credit to the school.


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Nightingale and Otter Class Assembly

Today was our joint classes assembly, we had great fun both practising and performing it to everyone.

Our teachers and teaching assistants were so proud of us for an amazing effort.

We hope you enjoyed watching us.

Sports day 2015

We had a fabulous day it was lovely and sunnysmileyand everyone was happy. We all took part in the races, it was great fun.

We all embraced the team spirit and encouraged our fellow team members by cheering them on.

Mr Mitchell was amazing for organising such a fantastic day.

Plymbridge were the overall winners but I think you'll agree we are all stars.  

Picture 1 We are proud to be in Nightingale Class
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Wembury Beach Trip

We went to Wembury Beach today, it was very windy and when we arrived we couldn't see the beach. Throughout the day the weather improved thankfully. We joined in lots of activities such as sand sculpture,there was a lobster, a mermaid, a scary shark plus some others, they were all amazing. We eat our lunch on the rocks and were very careful not to get sand in our sandwiches frown 

We also did rock pooling which was by far the most popular activity of the day. Mr Mitchell held a crab, and Mrs Phillips caught a beautiful fish.  Some of us got a bit wet but we all agreed we had a really fun day and learned about lots of things that you find on the beach.

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End of SATS pizza party day smiley

We had a fabulous day to celebrate the end of SATS. We made our own pizza, with the help of the grown ups. Then we played games and had a boogie, we also had a film to watch. 

Keeping our bodies healthy through exercise and diet


We have been learning how to keep our bodies healthy. We have talked about the foods we eat and how they impact on our health.

During CATS we made a delicious fruit salad. We have also been doing lots of exercise moves that keep our hearts heart pumping.  

Eat healthily and exercise

Eat healthily and exercise 1
Eat healthily and exercise 2
Eat healthily and exercise 3
Eat healthily and exercise 4
Eat healthily and exercise 5
Eat healthily and exercise 6
Eat healthily and exercise 7
Eat healthily and exercise 8
Eat healthily and exercise 9
Eat healthily and exercise 10
Eat healthily and exercise 11
Eat healthily and exercise 12
Eat healthily and exercise 13
Eat healthily and exercise 14
Eat healthily and exercise 15
Eat healthily and exercise 16

'Land Ahoy'Topic 

Picture 1 Our happy crabs
Picture 2 Logan found these interesting facts
Picture 3 Our beautiful decorated shells
Picture 4 Our pictures created an aquarium

This term our topic is to learn about the sea, on Tuesday 2nd June we hope to vist Wembury beach.

We have already been making a wonderful display outside our classroom. During CATS we have decorated clam shells and made crabs from paper plates. We have also painted beautiful sea scenes. 

Here is a link you may find useful before our visit.


Nightingale class gardening diary


We had a look at our garden today and found that we have some lovely ripening strawberries, sadly the best one had a slug on it so we offered it to Mr Mitchell to eat.surprise

We have planted out the runner beans. We hope they don't run awaysad.

Our potatoes are looking healthy, but the broad beans are covered in black fly cool. Overall we are pleased with the progress of the things we planted. Hopefully we will be able to eat some of the produce before the end of term.

Picture 1 Look at our potatoes!
Picture 2 I wonder if this will wash the black fly off?
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5 Yuk! this one has a slug on it.
Picture 6 Lets give it to Mr Mitchell
Picture 7 Oh no! We're not eating those black flies!


Our garden is starting to look like a mini allotment surprise

 The strawberries are filling out, the broad beans are in flower.

Wow! Look at the potatoes growing up. The seeds we planted are starting to show, we can see carrots, beetroot, mixed salad leaves all poking their little shoots out of the ground.

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
Picture 6


Wow look how our beans have grown!

We opened the cupboard to check on the bean that we had shut away and found it was pushing it's way out. We saw that although it had grown it was very pale.

Our sunflower seeds have started to push their way out of the soil too.

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3


WOW!!! Look how much our beans have grown. At the moment it's Rubys' bean which is the tallest.

Picture 1


Today we spotted fruit growing on the strawberry plants, they are quite small and green in colour.

We were also excited to see that our lettuce seeds have started to grow and sprout leaves.

Thank you to Eloise's grandad for sending in some more plants for us to put in our garden.

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
Picture 6
Picture 7
Picture 8

Friday 8th May

 Today we have potted up some runner beans, we put compost into pots and pushed our bean in, then covered it over before watering it. As an experiment we have put a bean in pot with just cotton wool, and one pot with soil and water into a dark cupboard to see if it can grow without light.

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Picture 2
Picture 3
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Tuesday 5th May

We had to dig our second plot from scratch, but we all worked really well as a team and the soil was dug over in no time.

While we were digging we had a visit from one of the chickens. Mrs Phillips said it was probably looking for worms in the newly dug soil.

Today we have planted potatoes, and sown carrots, beetroot and salad leaves. The seed potatoes had long purple shoots coming out of them. We thought they looked really funny like aliens.

Friday the 1st of May 2015

 Today was the first day of starting our very own garden. The first thing we had to  do was prepare the soil. We were very lucky, that we had Mr Weetman, to help turn over the soil first. Mrs Phillips and Miss Lang didn't have the muscles.wink

We used forks, spades, rakes and trowels to get stuck in.

We planted a variety of plants including Broad beans, peas, pumpkins, & strawberries. to make it look pretty we added some marigolds.

Some of us had never done gardening before and we all agreed we had a fabulous time.

Follow the progress of the Nightingale class garden

Schools challenge 2015

On Sunday the 19th of April our School took part in the Schools Challenge on the Hoe. It was a beautiful sunny day, and over two thousand children across Plymouth took part. Well done to the children in Nightingale Class who took part.

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Picture 2

Red nose day

Red nose day 1
Red nose day 2
Red nose day 3
Red nose day 4
Red nose day 5
Red nose day 6
Red nose day 7
Red nose day 8
Red nose day 9
Red nose day 10
Red nose day 11
Red nose day 12
Red nose day 13
Red nose day 14
Red nose day 15
Red nose day 16
Red nose day 17
Red nose day 18
Red nose day 19
Red nose day 20
Red nose day 21
Red nose day 22
Red nose day 23
Red nose day 24
Red nose day 25
Red nose day 26
Red nose day 27

We had great fun today raising money for Comic Relief. To raise extra money our class had the opportunity to have their faces painted into a red nose character. They were also able to decorate a pom pom which Mr Mitchell's mum kindly made for them.

Nightingale Class raised an extra £40.00 by doing this, Mrs Phillips & Miss Lang had great fun too painting our faces.

The Shooting Stars Science Circus

We had a great time with Russ, who taught us all about forces. He tricked Logan into getting wet, when he poured water over him using the force of gravity.

Logan gets wet!

Logan gets wet! 1
Logan gets wet! 2
Logan gets wet! 3
Logan gets wet! 4
Logan gets wet! 5
Logan gets wet! 6
Logan gets wet! 7
Logan gets wet! 8
Logan gets wet! 9
Logan gets wet! 10
Logan gets wet! 11

World book day in Nightingale class

World book day in Nightingale class 1 How many characters can you spot?
World book day in Nightingale class 2 Our beautiful Frozen girls
World book day in Nightingale class 3 Where's Alice?
World book day in Nightingale class 4 Our Batmen
World book day in Nightingale class 5 Ninja turtles
World book day in Nightingale class 6 Which Wally is which? Where's Wally anyway?

We went on a fabulous trip to Crownhill Fort, on Wednesday 4th 0f March to enhance our learning for our topic about tunnels,turrets and towers.

We hope you enjoy looking at the photos of our day.

If you want to find out more about castles try this link.



Our trip to Crownhill Fort March 2015

This term our topic is to learn about castles.

Nightingale class have been busy making their own models of castles.

We hope you enjoy looking at them.

Our castles

Our castles 1
Our castles 2
Our castles 3
Our castles 4
Our castles 5
Our castles 6
Our castles 7
Our castles 8
Our castles 9
Our castles 10
Our castles 11
Our castles 12
Our castles 13
Our castles 14
Our castles 15

Decorations morning in Nightingale Class

Decorations morning in Nightingale Class 1
Decorations morning in Nightingale Class 2
Decorations morning in Nightingale Class 3
Decorations morning in Nightingale Class 4
Decorations morning in Nightingale Class 5
Decorations morning in Nightingale Class 6

Christmas jumper day in Nightingale Class

Christmas jumper day in Nightingale Class 1
Christmas jumper day in Nightingale Class 2
Christmas jumper day in Nightingale Class 3

As you can see we had a fantastic class party, we would like to thank everyone for the delicious food. We hope you all have a very Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year.

From Nightingale class

Dance Festival

Dance Festival 1
Dance Festival 2
Dance Festival 3
Dance Festival 4
Dance Festival 5
Dance Festival 6
Dance Festival 7
Dance Festival 8

Dance festival 29.01.15

Today some of Nightingale Class took part in the dance festival at Sir John hunt School.

They were able to show off their amazing dance moves, joining in with group dances.

They even participated in a group routine with the other schools and the parents.

Snow day with Nightingale Class

Snow day with Nightingale Class 1
Snow day with Nightingale Class 2
Snow day with Nightingale Class 3
Snow day with Nightingale Class 4
Snow day with Nightingale Class 5
Snow day with Nightingale Class 6