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Year 2 Otter

Welcome to Year 2 - Otter!


We are Otter Class! We are a hardworking class of 29 children. Our teacher is Mrs Harris and our teaching assistants are called Miss Walsh and Mrs Hartigan. You will be able to see all the hard work that we do on this page. 



Picture 1

Week beginning 18th November 2013.   


We have been very busy this week in Otter Class.


On Wednesday, we braved the weather and walked up to the local supermarket. We went 'behind the scenes' and saw the area behind the shop floor. The manager showed us the unloading area and how the foods are moved on large trollies into a storage area before being put out onto the shelves. After that, we walked around inside the huge freezer to look at all the frozen foods stored there. Then, we went onto the shop floor and practised scanning the food at the checkout.  Otter Class then became customers. Each group had a shopping list of items to find and note down the price. Finally, we chose an item to buy and worked out the correct money to give to the shop assistant.


We all enjoyed our mini adventure and found it very informative. We asked the manager lots of questions about his job and what it was like to work in a supermarket. Here are some pictures!

Supermarket Trip Wednesday 20th November 2013

Supermarket Trip   Wednesday 20th November 2013 1 Scanning the pizza at the checkout counter.
Supermarket Trip   Wednesday 20th November 2013 2 We had to find the barcode before scanning.
Supermarket Trip   Wednesday 20th November 2013 3 We watched the item appear on the display.
Supermarket Trip   Wednesday 20th November 2013 4 Otter Class with the items on our shopping list.
We have been learning about measurements. This week we focussed on telling the time. We practised using the clocks to make o'clock and half past times.

January 2014 Welcome Back!


We have been extremely busy since coming back to school after the Christmas holidays. In our Literacy work, we have been reading the story of 'Where The Wild Things Are'. Our focus has been learning about different types of punctuation. We have learnt about capital letters, full stops, question marks, exclamation marks, commas and even went on to learn about apostrophes and when to use them!


In one of our lessons we worked with a talk partner to read an extract from the story and we used Kung Fu punctuation actions to show we had found that type of punctuation. Below are some pictures!


Kung Fu Punctuation Actions

Kung Fu Punctuation Actions 1 We found a capital letter.
Kung Fu Punctuation Actions 2 We found a full stop!
Kung Fu Punctuation Actions 3 We found a comma!
Kung Fu Punctuation Actions 4 We found speech marks!
Kung Fu Punctuation Actions 5 We found a capital letter too!