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Year 3 Ash

Cyber Safety Week

The whole of Beechwood were reminded of the need for safe usage of the internet during Cyber safety week in March.  Through drama, Ash class made decisions about the most sensible course of action when faced with 'tempting' situations which were probably unsafe:


What should I do?

What should I do? 1
What should I do? 2
What should I do? 3

REN Reading

This year, Ash Class are focusing on our reading skills. When the children have completed a book, they can log on to their REN learning area using the link below and complete a quiz about it. The children can also log on a home and complete quizzes. They all have their own user name and passwords. They can show you all of the books they have read and all of the quizzes they have passed. 




After the Easter holidays we will be doing a unit about time.  Please help your child by reminding them of how to tell the time to 5 minute and 1 minute intervals.  This will help the children as we progress to recognising times in 24 hour clock and measuring duration of time.




This website has some time games to play with your child.