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Year 4 Elder

Welcome to Elder Class 2015-2016

Welcome to Elder Class 2015-2016 1

Elder Class Teacher is Ms Reed  

Elder Class Teaching Assitent is Miss Tremayne

Week beginning 28.9.15

Topic - The Blue Abyss

This link will help you research deep sea creatures:


Week beginning: 14.9.15


Here is the link you will need to research habitats.


Year 3/4 Art Exhibition

Street Dance Workshop!

Street Dance Workshop! 1
Street Dance Workshop! 2
Street Dance Workshop! 3
Street Dance Workshop! 4
Street Dance Workshop! 5
Street Dance Workshop! 6
Street Dance Workshop! 7
Street Dance Workshop! 8
Street Dance Workshop! 9
Street Dance Workshop! 10
Street Dance Workshop! 11
Street Dance Workshop! 12
Street Dance Workshop! 13
Street Dance Workshop! 14
Street Dance Workshop! 15
Street Dance Workshop! 16
Street Dance Workshop! 17
Street Dance Workshop! 18
Street Dance Workshop! 19
Street Dance Workshop! 20

Allotment trip Thursday 26th February


Elder Class visited the Southernway School allotment to help Bill, the allotment manager, plant some broad beans and peas. Luckily for us, the rain held off and the children were able to enjoy the wildlife garden where they spotted this year's first batch of frog spawn.


Read Charley's amazing story in the style of Perseus and Medusa called Ceesay and Dino Rock.  He is an amazing author.  Can you spot his use of adverbial phrases?  I look forward to reading your novels when you are a published author Charley!


We are also learning about the skeletons and muscles.  The children will learn about the function of the skeleton and how muscles support their movement.  We will be conducting an experiment around proportion.  Please use the link below to learn the names of the 206 bones in the human body.








Welcome to the Spring term.  This term we will be learning all about the Romans- 'I am a warrior!'  Our class Learning Journey is below for you to find out more.  We also have our class assembly this term on Thursday 29th January, as usual, all family and friends are welcome.  The children are really excited and are looking forward to sharing their learning.  We are introducing a class Spelling Bee, this is an opportunity for children to practise their spellings competitively.  There will be a boy and a girl winner from year 4 and they will have a 'spell off' the winner will receive a certificate and the prestigious position of Spelling King or Queen!


Year 4 Drumming with Singing Drum

Year 4 are continuing weekly drumming lessons with 'Singing Drum'.  They will perform some of what they have been practising during our class assembly, the children are now excellent at call and response songs and beating a jungle rhythm.  Hopefully their energy and enthusiasm  will be evident in their performance during their assembly.


The Ten Pieces

In term one Elder Class learnt all about the Ten Pieces.  The Ten Pieces aims to inspire a generation of children to get creative with music.  The children visited the Vue cinema to watch a recording of it which included mixing performance, live action and animation to explore the wonders of classical music.  Then back in the classroom the children researched each composer and wrote a biography which included historical and geographical fact and information.

Ten Pieces

Ten Pieces 1

Exploring solids, liquids and gasses


We explored the state of matter through filling balloons with air, water and ice.  The children learnt how particles moved at each different stage.  The children explored and observed the physical properties of each state and recorded their findings in a table and compared the results.

Solids, Liquids and Gases

Solids, Liquids and Gases  1
Solids, Liquids and Gases  2



Elder Class have been visiting the allotment to harvest the remaining fruit and vegetables of the season. Bill (our allotment manager) and Mrs Hagan were able to teach the children the different names of the gourds that they collected, in time for Halloween pumpkin carving.  The tomatoes proved very popular.  They were very sweet and juicy and the children tucked into them with relish.  A few daring children sampled the chillies but they preferred drawing and writing about them rather than eating them!


Elder Class visit the allotment

Elder Class visit the allotment 1
Elder Class visit the allotment 2
Elder Class visit the allotment 3