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Year 4 Larch

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Larch is one of the 2 Year 4 classes at Beechwood Primary School. We have a total of 28 children in our class and Miss Daniel is our class teacher. Our fabulous teaching assistant is called Mrs Edwards.


We will be updating our class page with work we are doing and things we are enjoying about being in Year 4. We hope you enjoy it!



Class Assembly


This term we worked together with Ash class on our Viking Assembly. A lot of lines to remember, but we had great fun!

Outdoor Learning Day


After our daily swimming session we went outside to do our learning there instead of in class. Meeting the shire horse, learning about riding our bikes safely, Maths coordinates and our Larch and Ash class assembly performance to Elder class. We enjoyed it all!

Larch's creativity

Our lunch time creative stars.

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A lovely creative entry for the Big Exploration Competition.


Beechwood street party


Sharing food and laughing with our class mates in an outdoor feast. What great fun!



This term we have been looking at prehistoric times: The Stone Age - Bronze Age and Iron Age. To discover some of the things we have been learning about in class in real life, we went on a hiking trip through the National Park Dartmoor. We walked all the way from Princetown to Merrivale and got not only to enjoy the stunning landscape, but also some menhirs, stone circles and cairns - all leftovers from the Stone/Bronze Age.

Sport with students from Marjons.


We have been lucky enough to have had 4 sessions with students from Marjons teaching us various sports skills.  The children have thoroughly enjoyed themselves!



This term we are all learning about measurements. There are 1000g in 1 kg, 100 cm in 1m and 10mm in 1 cm. Now that we know that, we are ready to convert units of measurement.

We have also learned how to estimate how heavy an object is, measure it using scales, and then display our found information on a bar chart. We presented this to the rest of the class.



This term we are reading the story Stig of the Dump, written by Clive King. It is about a boy called Barney, who meets a Neolithic man from the Stone Age and they become friends. We are working really hard on making our own finding tale. We are perfecting the use of speech marks, synonyms and subordinate clauses. We also need to remember to write a comma after our adverbial starter and to try and vary the openings of our sentences. This is all done to make our writing more interesting. We started off with a role-play of the original story, where one played Stig, the caveman, and the other played Barney.



Stig of the Dump, by Clive King (this is the short version of the story that we are using as a model for our writing)

Stig of the dump role-play and story circle



This term we have started off learning all about light. We now know about different light sources and understand that darkness is the absence of light. We have also learned that some objects reflect the light from the surface, but that they are not light sources. Retro-reflective material is an example of a reflective object. That's why it is used for high- visibility jackets.

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Our class assembly


On 21st of January we performed our class assembly play to our parents. Not only did we learn a lot about Ancient Egypt during our rehearsals, but we also learned how to stand on stage and not be afraid when facing an audience. We learned that it is okay to make a mistake. Miss Daniel was near to help us. We had a lot of fun during practice. We finished everything with a drumming performance of our class song "We are Larch class". We sing it each time when we need to feel motivated or right before home time.




Before Christmas the whole school took part in Anti-Bullying week. The theme for this week was E-safety. We learned about how to use the Internet in a safe and responsible way. Every child in Larch class created their own posters and summarised on their what they had learned from this interesting school event.

Our e-safety creations

Our e-safety creations 1

Dojo Points at Beechwood

Beechwood Primary School use Dojo points to reward learning behaviours. Each week there is a focus on a specific learning behaviour which means you can earn double points! The more you collect, the better the prizes for all of your hard work. If you need a reminder of all learning behaviours, have a look below to see what teachers and teaching assistants are on the look out for:


Creativity: learners can look at things in different ways and find a range of ways to link ideas and concepts.


Curiosity: learners have a constant desire to find things out. They ask higher order questions in order to create their own understanding of the world around them.


Independence: learners are motivated to work independently when they know they have the resources and skills to achieve an outcome by themselves.


Reflection: learners use a range of tools to reflect on their strengths and weaknesses as a learner.


Resilience: learners like a challenge and are willing to give it a go.


Teamwork: learners can work together to achieve more.

Renaissance Reading 


When children have completed a book, they can log on to RENN reading and complete a quiz related to that book. Children are encouraged to do this at home as well as in school. They can use the link below.