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Year 5 Rowan

We are Rowan Class! We are Year 5 and we have 23 children in our class; Mrs Harvey and Mrs Collier are our teachers and we are very lucky to have Mrs Pinhey and Mrs Fice as our wonderful classroom TA.  We will use this page to share the work we do in class. We hope you enjoy reading it. 


We know parents are very busy looking after their mini humans but we would really appreciate it if you could encourage them / help them to complete their homework every week. 


Reading is very important to extend the children's vocabulary and improve their comprehension. We ask that children please read for at least 10 minutes every night. 




We are starting the summer term by exploring poetry and all the different features you can use in a range of poetry. Michael Rosen is one of our favourite authors so please try and read or watch some of Rosen's poetry with your children, they really enjoy it!


The children wrote some group poetry using rhyming couplets and we also wrote a class poem. 

Group poetry exploring rhyming couplets!

Group poetry exploring rhyming couplets!  1
Group poetry exploring rhyming couplets!  2
Group poetry exploring rhyming couplets!  3


We are starting the summer term by exploring shape and measure. The first part of our unit is looking at angles: acute, obtuse, reflex, straight lines and full rotation. We are looking at estimating angles and then measuring them using a protractor. 

Angle Hunt!

Angle Hunt!  1
Angle Hunt!  2
Angle Hunt!  3
Angle Hunt!  4
Angle Hunt!  5

We linked some Easter baking with our Changing Materials Science unit and melted some chocolate to make Easter cakes. We also explored salt crystals and separating materials.

Some lovely budding teachers from Plymouth High School for Girls came to visit us to teach Rowan class P.E. as part of their GCSE unit.

Rowan Class Loves Science! Mixing materials experiment; we explored reversible and irreversible reactions.

Nuffield Health visited us to talk about all things healthy!

Internet Safety Drama Class in our amazing STEM Lab (please excuse the camera date!)

Year 5 Bikeability! 

(Please excuse the camera's incorrect date!) 

In Maths this term we are learning about the relationship between fractions, decimals and percentages. We are looking at lots of models and representing our understanding using lots of equipment. 

Indoor Rowing Visit! 

All the year 5 students attending an indoor rowing day. They all raced against each other in teams and did very well! Every child was advised on how they could improve their technique and they all beat their personal best results by the end of the day!


The teachers and TA's even had a race...can you guess who won and who fell off the rower?! 

(Please excuse the picture date errors, the camera is stuck in the festive month of December!)

School Material Search!

In science we have been exploring materials and how objects around the school are 'fit for purpose' justifying our answers by listing their properties!

Key Vocabulary: transparent /opaque / hard / soft / rough / smooth / waterproof / insulated / rigid / flexible 

Can you discuss some of the objects around your home and why you think they are fit for purpose? Remember to justify your answers by relating it to the properties! 

Our school material search! (Please excuse the picture dates..the camera was programmed wrong!)

Welcome back Rowan Class! We hope you have all had an enjoyable Christmas. This term we will be looking at 'Cue for Treason' in Literacy, fractions in Maths and Classifying Materials in Science. We will also be doing lots of interesting learning in Topic which will involve all our cross curricular links with Music, Art and DT. We are looking forward to an exciting New Year and learning adventure. 

Equivalent Fractions!



Cue for Treason – A Meeting Tale


Furiously and with anger in their hearts, the local farmers (accompanied by the village lads) gathered at the wall. Unexpectedly in the last few months, Sir Philip (the local Landlord) had built the wall and taken land which the villagers relied on for farming. Perhaps it was foolish of Peter to join the men that evening; he could have been safe at home in bed but there he was with a weighty rock in his hand! The thunder of hooves drowned the silence as Sir Philip and his men approached... unwittingly Peter’s hand unleashed the rock... “Run Peter,” yelled a strange voice, “...you hit Sir Philip!”

Build up

Relentlessly the Knights searched for Peter and Sir Philip was furious. Swiftly Peter realised for his own safety (and that of the farmers) he must flee! As he arrived wearily in the next town he noticed a poster for a play and thought it could take his mind of his troubles; in terror he spotted Sir Philip in the crowd and hid in a trunk amongst the actors’ belongings. Slowly waking, he was aware that he was travelling!


Jolting to a standstill the carriage stopped; they had arrived in Kendal and without delay the players unpacked their belongings. As the trunk was violently heaved to the floor and flung open, Peter was discovered! To his relief the Actors were friendly and to his surprise they were in need of a boy to play the part of a young girl. Nervously he agreed to audition and was threatened by Kit who was keen on the part. Mr Desmond was impressed with his performance, he presented him to William Shakespeare who was also astounded, he joined the cast and was to perform for the Queen!


Surprisingly to Peter, Kit was quick to forgive him and they soon became friends. They arrived in Cumberland to perform a play and Peter convinced Kit it might be interesting to explore the stronghold. Whist exploring they overheard a plot; someone was plotting to kill the Queen! Sir William and Francis Bacon helped the boys to decipher what they had overheard. During the performance someone was going to kill her! Peter escaped and tried to take the news to the Royal court. He was seen by two knights who thought they must stop the run-away boy. Horrifically he wrestled one of them off the cliff, to his death! Would he make it to London in time?


Running constantly from evil members of the nobility who were also involved in the plot left Peter weary, however, because of his determination and loyalty he would not give up! He and Kit were given two good horses to get word to the Queen. The play was taking place and Kit and Peter took their parts, as John Summers was waiting behind the curtain to shoot the Queen, her guards removed him! In return for what he had done, the Queen met with Peter and heard his story; the next time he met Sir Philip he watched him obey the Queen’s orders - remove the wall and return the land to the people.

Merry Christmas everyone from Rowan Class! 

We had a super day doing Christmas activities and finishing off the party food! 

Thank you to all of the parents for their kind contributions. 

Everyone looked great in their Christmas jumpers and mufti clothes. 

Picture 1

Planet Orrery Time! 

Today Rowan class made Planet Orrery's they really enjoyed using

a compass to draw a perfect circle!

Plymouth High School for Girls Visit 


Today we had a wonderful P.E session led by Plymouth High School for Girls. They were amazing teachers and played some great team games with Rowan class. 

Plymouth High School for Girls Visit

Class Dojo


We love earning Dojo Points in class. We can earn points for demonstrating our whole school learning behaviours: creativity, curiosity, independence, reflection, resilience and teamwork. Every time we are 'caught' using these learning behaviours we receive a Dojo point from the teachers. We can collect Dojo points to earn rewards. Our Class Dojo is linked to our parents and we can share our learning directly with them. 

Image result for class dojo avatars

REN Reading

This year, Rowan Class are focusing on our reading skills. When the children have completed a book, they can log on to their REN learning area using the link below and complete a quiz about it. The children can also log on a home and complete quizzes. They all have their own user name and passwords. They can show you all of the books they have read and all of the quizzes they have passed.