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Year 6 Whitebeam

Welcome to Whitebeam's Class Page


Whitebeam are Year 6 at Beechwood Primary School. We have a total of 22

 children in our class and Miss Harmsworth is our class teacher. Our fabulous teaching assistant is called Mrs Reynolds.


We will be updating our class page with work we are doing and things we are enjoying about being in Year 6. We hope you enjoy it!

But first, let me take a Spellfie...



As part of our commitment to spellings, the children have been looking around the school to try and find our current spelling words and taking a Spellfie! Take your own Spellfies if you find any of your current spelling words in or out of school and show your teacher.

Class Dojo


Currently in Year 6 we are using a new online behaviour reward system, Class Dojo. Children can collect points throughout the day for partner talk, being prepared, teamwork, participating, working hard, helping others, being on task, helping the teacher, good presentation, assembly, being presentable and managing distractions. At the end of the week, the children with most Dojo points receive a reward. 


Children can log on at home to check their progress. Reports will show them which areas they are succeeding in and which areas they may need to improve. 


They can use the following link to log on - 





This term our topic is Stargazer. During this topic, we will be focusing on Frank Cottrell Boyce's book Cosmic. This book is about a boy who manages to get himself lost in space. We will be immersing ourselves in all aspects of space including learning about the plants, star constellations a​nd phases of the moon.


Image result for stargazing


If you would like to do any further research at home, follow these websites







Goodbye Mrs Hagan!



We've had a very special teacher retire recently who has 

worked within the Federation for over 25 years. Year 6 put their heads together and created a lovely poem to celebrate her time with us. Have a read:


R is for...

A reality made fun with your endless kindness,

The range of readers heard by you,

And the roses represent you with your loving smile and your beauty.


E is for…

The enchanting lessons you taught us,

The equal attention you gave to each of us,

And The Earth as it wouldn’t be the same without you.


T is for...

Teaching throughout the years with a lovely smile,

Trying to prepare the children for their glorious future,

And trusting children to mould their own world.


I is for...

The imaginative Egyptian stories you told,

The incentive you gave us to learn,

And the intelligent minds you created.


R is for...

Reaping the soil to help the plants grow, while keeping your kind and sweet smile,

Representing the Southernway Federation over the years,

And reading the books you enjoy so much.


E is for...

The environment which you love so much,

Evacuate which you helped us do,

And the essential guidance you gave us.

M is for...

Many, many years of teaching children big and small,

The mind blowing ideas to help the children learn,

And acting as mascot of our bright and colourful school.


E is for...

The extreme places you took us!

The extraordinary lessons you taught us,

And the epic years we spent together.


N is for...

Noticeable changes throughout the orchard,

Navigating children around the school,

And teaching numeracy lessons that will never be the same without you.


T is for...

The token of luck we give to you,

Teaching us for many years,

And the tears we’ll cry as we wave goodbye.

Peasants, Princes and Pestilence


This term our topic is based on the medieval times. The children will be learning about life during the middle ages including the Black Death, the Peasant's Revolt and the social class system during this time.


If the children would like to do some further research or use the interest to help them with their homework, we recommend the following websites:






Renn reading


Once you have finished reading a book, you can complete a Renn reading test to show how well you have understood what you have read. Click the link below to access your quiz and 'Good Luck!'

Year 6 Indoor Rowing


All of Year 6 have taken part in a two day Indoor Rowing session this week. They have been learning how to use a rowing machine, use the correct stance when rowing and have taken part in both individual and team races. Every child has completed loved the experience and we have discovered many talented rowers in the process. Well done Year 6.



Blogging inspires outstanding writing!


As part of one of our Literacy lessons, we wrote back to Pie Corbet who was on a conference with teachers about blogging. Together, they wrote a beginning of a story and we used our own ideas to complete the story. Using the App 'Citadel' we were able to imagine what it would be like to wander around. All the children produced amazing work with fantastic descriptions. Pie Corbet would have been proud!










Our invention stories


After working really hard on our own stories, Whitebeam learned how to become Story Tellers and told their stories to their Buddies in Year 1. The Buddies absolutely loved it and listened really well. 







Would you like to play some educational games? Try these:



Literacy: http://www.crickweb.co.uk/ks2literacy.html


Maths: http://www.crickweb.co.uk/ks2numeracy.html