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Year 6 Whitebeam

Welcome to Whitebeam's Class Page


Whitebeam are Year 6 at Beechwood Primary School. We have a total of 24 children in our class and Miss Harmsworth is our class teacher. Our fabulous teaching assistant is called Mrs Reynolds.


We will be updating our class page with work we are doing and things we are enjoying about being in Year 6. We hope you enjoy it!

Scientific enquiry: Optical illusions


Whitebeam have LOVED learning about optical illusions today. We have made a disc spinner and a flicker book.


Here are the optical illusions websites that I promised I would put on here. Have fun!





The Big School's Bird Watch


This week Beechwood have been looking out for different species of birds around school and counting them. We were really surprised how many we saw and the children really enjoyed finding out more on identifying birds from their colour to their bird calls.


This website shows you more about what we were learning - it's fascinating! http://archive.teachfind.com/ttv/www.teachers.tv/videos/british-birds.html


The final data will be sent to the RSPB. These are the birds that Whitebeam spotted around the Beechwood Primary School:


Blackbirds - 31
Black headed gulls - 40
Carrion crows - 34
House sparrow - 8
Magpie - 1
Song thrush - 8 
Pied wagtail - 2
Total: 124 birds

Year 6 watch an interview with Tim Peake in space!


This week Year 6 were part of a Cosmic Classroom event with British ESA astronaut, Tim Peake! The live link-up with the International Space Station took place on Tuesday 2nd February and​ the children were able to see Tim answer questions about live at the Space Station. We were over the moon to be involved!


Whitebeam proudly present the Vets 4 Pets competition winners


We are very excited to announce that two children in Whitebeam won the Vets for Pets story competition. Well done, girls! They had the most wonderful time meeting lots of different animals.


The Revolution


Year 6 are learning all about the Victorians this term. We started our topic by travelling back in time and experiencing our own Victorian Day. We had a day of the '3 Rs' - reading, writing and arithmetic. The teachers were really strict and some of the children even had to experience the dunce hat as a punishment! The children learned a lot about what it was like to be a Victorian child at school and have written their own descriptive pieces of writing, using their experience to help them. 


Vets 4 Pets visit


We were delighted to have Vets 4 Pets from Woolwell visit Year 5 and 6. They tested the children on their pet knowledge and the children impressed the vets with their answers. They even brought in a rabbit and a guinea pig for the children to hold. All the children really enjoyed the experience and learned a lot about caring for animals. Vets 4 Pets left the children a challenge to write an animal story and announced that the child that wrote the best story would have the amazing experience: a day at the vets! The children were all very excited by the prize and some couldn't wait to start writing! Good luck everyone!


Maths madness!


Want to play some maths games? Do you need some practice on your number bond knowledge?

Click on this link to help you learn maths in a fun way!




The Tudor court trial


As our final outcome for learning about Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn's crimes, the

 children decided that they wanted to hold a Tudor court trial where they could present all of their learning to the parents. 


The parents (as our jury) then decided whether Anne Boleyn was guilty or not guilty for the crimes held against her. Luckily, justice was served and Anne Boleyn was declared not guilty. The parents were also treated to some Tudor dancing to begin to proceedings and each child took home an evidence file of their amazing work this term.


Well done Whitebeam and Sycamore for all of your hard work!


(Photos will be uploaded of the trial soon)

Tudor Take Me Out


Well done to Whitebeam for doing a fabulous first class assembly where Henry VIII took centre stage with Paddy McGuiness in a special edition of Take Me Out. The children were able to show all their learning of Henry VIII and perform Greensleeves which was rumoured to have been written by the Tudor king himself! Thank you to all the children who worked so hard to learn their lines and performed so expertly. A special thank you to our own Paddy who took to the stage like a professional and our IT technician who helped to bring the whole thing to life.


Whitebeam all clearly have star quality!


Off with her head!


This term we have been learning about the Tudor period and after receiving a letter from Elizabeth I, we have been investigating whether Henry VIII made a justifiable decision to behead her mother - Anne Boleyn. 


We have studied information about Henry VIII himself, Anne Boleyn and the accusations against her, along with discovering much more about life as a Tudor.


Here the children worked as a team to find out as much as they could about Henry's six wives, displayed it on a timeline and presented their learning to the class.



Desperate to get more Dojo points?


Beechwood Primary School use Dojo points to reward learning behaviours. Each week there is a focus on a specific learning behaviour which means you can earn double points! The more you collect, the better the prizes for all of your hard work. If you need a reminder of all learning behaviours, have a look below to see what teachers and teaching assistants are on the look out for:


Creativity: learners can look at things in different ways and find a range of ways to link ideas and concepts.


Curiosity: learners have a constant desire to find things out. They ask higher order questions in order to create their own understanding of the world around them.


Independence: learners are motivated to work independently when they know they have the resources and skills to achieve an outcome by themselves.


Reflection: learners use a range of tools to reflect on their strengths and weaknesses as a learner.


Resilience: learners like a challenge and are willing to give it a go.


Teamwork: learners can work together to achieve more.

Renaissance Reading 


When children have completed a book,

they can log on to RENN reading and complete a quiz 

related to that book. Children are encouraged to do this at home 

as well as in school. They can use the link below: