Year 2 - Charm

Welcome to Charm Class Page

We have two teachers in our class. Mrs Gruszka teaches on a Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday and Mr Harris teaches on a Thursday and Friday.


In Science this term, the children will be studying materials. We will be planning long term and short term investigations to see what properties different materials have using our scientific enquiry skills.


In History we will learning about castles and why castles were so important for the Normans.


English - Year 2 will start the term focusing on non-fiction reading and writing, studying the explanation text ‘Knights’. We will look at features of non-fiction text and write our own explanations about materials and castles.  We will also explore the poetry text “Tell me a dragon”.  We will look at the language used and write our own dragon poetry.  We will continue with daily PHONICS and reading activities.


We will be exploring the traditional tales with a twist.  The children will plan and write their own version of a traditional story with a twist.  We will also be writing a report about the making of our drawbridge.  We will continue with daily phonics and reading comprehension skills.


Our Maths work this term will focus geometry – the properties of 2D and 3D shapes.  The children will name a range of shapes and discuss their properties, for example, the number of sides.  We will also introduce fractions.  The children will be looking at fractions of shapes and numbers.


Look at our Lockdown Legends Work – Both at home and in school

Please remember to read at home, a good guide is 30 minutes per day. It is even more helpful if you can ask your child about what they have been reading, or to predict what might happen next. Children can also develop their maths skills by using TTRS at home.