Welcome to Beechwood Primary Academy

We would like to extend a warm welcome to all the children, their families, friends, and members of the local community who are central to the life of Beechwood Primary Academy, part of the Discovery Multi Academy Trust.                                                                                               

At Beechwood, we cherish and nurture every child, recognising their unique, individual interests, talents and strengths, which make our school a happy and exciting place to learn and work. Throughout their time here we ensure that they will have the opportunity to fulfil their potential academically and socially, learning skills and knowledge that are the inspiration for the future.                                                               

Our children learn and show our school values of inclusion, collaboration, democracy and excellence as they go about their learning each day, inside and outside of the classroom. We aim to create an environment where our main focus is to strive for each child to develop a passion for learning and a sense of excitement in their own achievement and that of others. Our children love to learn and we foster this through our high expectations, a culture of education for all and a passion for teaching and learning. Our staff are passionate about delivering the best outcomes for children by supporting their education, health and wellbeing and developing the educational skills and experiences that will open doors, creating children ready for their future.                                                                                              

Our values are embedded in our teaching and learning and expectations for all members of our community. Beechwood Primary Academy is a school focused on excellence in learning to inspire children for their future. It is important to us that each child strives to recognise the value of their education and that our staff are valued for their part in this vision.                                           

 If you are looking for a school place for your child, please give our office a call and see our admission arrangements which can be found under Admissions. If you would like to visit our school, please call the office to make these arrangements. Each November we arrange a tour and parent meeting for families interested in beginning our Reception year and we also have our own nursery which takes children from the age of 3.                                                                                          

Please look at our Facebook page and website for more examples of learning and experiences our children encounter. We are extremely proud of each and every Beechwood child.