Parent Pledge

Parent Pledge
The Government White Paper entitled, ‘Opportunity for all: strong schools with great teachers for your child’ includes ‘The Parent Pledge’ which is a promise from government, via schools, to families. The Parent Pledge states that any child who falls behind in English or Maths should receive timely and evidence-based support to enable them to reach their potential.
Our Trust regards each of our pupils as a unique learner with strengths and needs in all subjects. Each teacher is committed to planning a responsive learning experience in their class which meets every child’s needs, and that is both challenging and inspiring. Our teaching aims to always be of high quality, in all subjects.
Children’s attainment and progress is recorded and monitored regularly throughout the year. Therefore, we identify any children who have gaps in their English and/or Maths learning through summative (year group assessments and national statutory assessments), formative (marking) and through daily assessment for learning.
We will support these pupils through:
- Adaptive teaching
- Scaffolding (adapting tasks)
- Pre-teaching (teaching key vocabulary or skills prior to the lesson)
- Resources (number squares, dictionary, key word charts)
- Learning walls, prompts and displays
- Vocabulary/word banks
- Small group teaching
- Retrieval
- Adult support
- National Tutoring Programme support
- Specific intervention programmes e.g. NELI (Nuffield Early Language Intervention)
- Pupil Premium Action Plans
- Renaissance Star Reading Scheme (REN Reading)
This support will be communicated with parents through reports and parent’s evenings. These times would also be an opportunity for parents to raise any concerns with class teachers, although this can be done throughout the year at any point. If necessary support for pupils may become more formal and this will follow our Inclusion Policy.