Nursery - Andy Murray Class

Welcome to Nursery - Andy Murray Class Page

Your teacher is called Mrs Taylor and the Teaching assistants is Ms Duta.


 Prime Areas


  • Personal, Social and Emotional Development (PSED): Get to know our friends and teachers. Discuss the schools ‘Ready, Respectful, Safe’ rules and behavioural expectations in our setting. Become increasingly able to independently manage daily routines.
  • Physical Development (PD): Develop our gross motor skills by balancing and moving in different ways. Develop our fine motor skills by using a variety of one-handed tools and equipment.
  • Communication and Language (CL): Listen to lots of songs and stories with increasing attention and join in with group storytelling and singing. Show an understanding of and respond to simple instructions. Use talk to imagine and recreate roles and experiences. Use new vocabulary in different contexts.


Specific Areas



  • Literacy (L): Play phonics games and develop an awareness of sounds in words. Repeat words and phrases from familiar stories. Add some marks to their drawings which they give meaning to.  Form some letters in our name.
  • Mathematics (M): Take part in finger rhymes with numbers. Count in everyday contexts touching or pointing for each number. Compare sizes and weights. Explore patterns and repeating patterns. Recite numbers past 5. Link the numeral with its number value. Understand position through words.


Select 2D shapes appropriately.


  • Expressive Arts and Design (EAD): Use our imaginations, and different media and materials to engage in craft activities. Learn familiar songs and nursery rhymes. Explore and use a range of artistic effects to express themselves with a focus on colour mixing. Explore a range of instruments and link to weather sounds.
  • Understanding the World (UW): Talk about ourselves, families, and communities in our ‘Amazing Me’ topic. Name our body parts and where they are. Think scientifically about our senses and how we use them. Learn about Autumn and seasonal changes in our ‘Woodland Explorers’ topic. Learn about special festivals (e.g., Harvest Festival, Bonfire Night). Talk about seasonal changes focusing on the weather. Learn about special celebrations (e.g., Diwali). Talk about the Christmas story and perform a nativity.




The children will continue to participate in short PE sessions each week.  We take part in outdoor activities every day (weather permitting), please send your child in appropriate clothing and footwear. Earrings should not be worn to nursery. We will also sometimes take part in the Daily Kilometre with the rest of the foundation unit.


Religious Education


All year groups study a range of religious beliefs in a knowledge capacity. In terms 1 and 2, we will explore different religious celebrations and the Christmas story.




Read to your child as much as possible and ask them questions about the pictures, story, setting and characters. Books with repetition and rhyme are good for encouraging children to join in. Children can take home books weekly to share with parents (book bag needed).


Internet Safety  


‘Parent/Carers – Discovery MAT extends its commitment to E-safety and Online Learning to parents through use of the National Online Safety Platform. If you follow the link below: http://nationalonlinesafety.com/enrol/beechwood-primary-school-pl6-6dx and select parent/carer, you will become part of our parent community on our platform. Once you are a member, you will be able to access a wide range of E-safety CPD and resources designed to further consolidate children’s E-safety knowledge. You will also be able to access many ‘What Parents Need to Know’ guides which provide useful updates about the latest technology.